Sunday, 31 August 2014

5X5 Task

5X5 task
5 magazines
·         Vogue- love all the couture fashion and forever wishing I could be wearing it.
·         Look-favourite fashion magazine.
·         Heat-celebrity gossip.
·         Now-good to relax with.
·         Elle-perfect pass time.
5 TV programmes
·         Geordie shore-so much drama all the time.
·         Made in Chelsea-wish i was one of them honestly.
·         Skins-could watch endless episodes.
·         The only way is essex-always want  to see more.
·         Marchlands- interestingly scary.
5 songs
·         Sia,  chandelier- makes me wish I could sing.
·         Zhu, Faded-love the sound of the song.
·         Ed Sheeran, Don’t- just find him amazing.
·         Maroon 5, Maps- could listen to it over and over.
·         Beyonce, XO- who doesn’t like Beyonce.
5 films
·         We’re the millers-stupidly funny.
·         The hangover-they are crazy.
·         The inbetweeners-I laugh every time I watch it.
·         Pitch perfect-can’t help but sing along.
5 Books
·         The fault in our stars-fell in love with the story line.
·         The hunger games- can’t put it down when I read it.
·         Perks of being a wall flower-like hearing someone else story.
·         Looking for Alaska-enjoyed every page I read.
·         Twilight- thrilling and romantic

1 comment:

  1. In answer to your question, I don't like Beyonce.

    Unless you're counting all 3 Hangover films and both Inbetweeners you've only listed 4 films. I share your enjoyment of We Are The Millers, I think Will Poulter (Kenny) is a comedy acting genius.

    An interesting mix of favourites with a healthy balance of US and UK publications/films/shows.