Thursday, 6 November 2014

Regional identity

Include examples from TV dramas and post to your blog.

Scottish stereotypes:
  • Stereotypically have a very strong Scottish accent.
  • Locations such as rural scenes, Edinburgh
  • Slang Scottish people stereotypically use are 'wee', 'aye', 'lass' and 'bairn'.
  • Clothes the Scottish are known to wear are kilts and the bobble hats.
  • Pastimes such as playing the bagpipes and drinking a lot.
  • Attitude and behaviour stereotypes are aggressive.
Irish stereotypes:
  • Accents are stereotypically strong.
  • Locations such as Dublin.
  • Slang words eg 'sham', 'gowl' and 'feek'.
  • A lot of green clothing with clovers and being ginger.
  • Pastimes stereotypically are drinking and dancing.
  • Attitudes are friendly and happy but also can be violent and loud. 

Essex stereotypes:
  • People from Essex are known to have a cockney accent.
  • Popular locations such as Brentwood.
  • Well known Essex slang such as 'shut up' and 'omg'.
  • Stereotypically have out going clothes, fake tan and fake eyelashes.
  • Pastimes like shopping and having parties.
  • Stereotypically dumb, friendly.
Welsh stereotypes:
  • Very strong accent.
  • Associated with the countryside, mountains and lots of sheep.
  • Celtic clothes.
  • Pastimes such as singing, drinking and rugby.
  • Nice people.
London stereotypes:
  • Known for having a posh accent or cockney.
  • Locations like Chelsea.
  • Expensive clothes.
  • pastimes like drinking tea, shopping.
  • Attitudes are polite but complain a lot.

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