Monday, 3 November 2014

Representation of disability

Common stereotypes:
  • vulnerable
  • incapable
  • unintelligent
  • lonely
  • marginalised
  • unattractive
  • patronised
  • frustrated
  •  bitter
  • rude
  • ungrateful
  • embarrassed
Disability within TV drama:
  • Walt JR ( cerebral palsy) - Breaking Bad
  • Artie (wheelchair) - Glee
  • Layla (cerebral palsy) - Tracey Beaker
  • JJ (autism) - Skins
  • Tony (brain damage) - Skins
  • Becky (down syndrome) - Glee
  • Ironside (wheelchair) - Ironside
Disability within film:
  •  Forest Gump
  • My sisters keeper
  • Fight club
  • Of Mice and Men
  • The Kings Speech
  • Rain man

camera shots/angles:At the start of the scene Alex is shown as being looked down on by the use of a slight high angle shot, this presents him as being small and as if he is not good enough as able bodied people. The woman offering to help them in the clip is shown with a slight low angle shot as if Alex is looking up at her, his brother is shown in a normal straight on shot which could show these characters have more power over Alex. There is use of over the shoulder shot frequently from Alex talking to his brother. When looking in the mirror and when they are both talking to the woman in the shop, the brother is always in the centre of the frame and Alex is shown more towards the side of the frame linking in that he is less important and linking to stereotypes such as disabled people being marginalised.
There is diegetic sound of Christmas music, it is very happy music which contrasts with Alex's bad mood.

There is the use of cutting between frames to flit between characters.
mise en scene:
Alex's costume is very dull, he wears a brown buttoned up jacket with denim jeans and a grey scarf. The shop is very bright and has a Christmas festive theme with lots of colours.

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