Monday, 13 October 2014

Gender representation

How is gender represented in TV
Male stereotypes: 
Don't show emotion (emotionally weak?-women's view)/(emotionally strong?-mens view).

Female stereotypes: 
Sly/sneaky- see more women doing things behind mens back than vice versa.
Intelligent (thoughtful)/ Unintelligent (scatterbrained/act ditzy).
Dependant(on men).

90210 TV drama gender representation:Female
Within 90120 there is a female character Naomi Clark, she is one of the main characters and she appears to be shallow due to her rich and popular status. She comes across as snobby and an airhead as she plays dumb to impress the boys which is a stereotype for a teenage girl linking to the 'dumb blonde' stereotype. However as you get to know her character it is revealed that she is sensitive which is also a stereotypical for women. She comes across as very self obsessed, vain and narcissistic, she treats people as they are beneath her and can be very sly and sneaky towards people.Her character supports the stereotype of being emotional as she has had tough life and is over dramatic. She also supports the stereotype that women are dependent on men as throughout the series she is always wanting to be with a man and have a relationship.
Liam Court is one of the main male characters in 90210, he is portrayed as a bad boy and is stereo-typically moody and unemotional. He is introduced as valiant, condfident, acting tough however doesn't give much away about himself. He is typically insensitive and plays the girls.

Gender representation in Luther: 
Luther: The character of Luther is shown as not a typical man, this is due to it seems during the conversation with Alice he lacks the power. He is asked a lot of questions and doesn't seem in control. He does show emotion which is not stereotypical of a man when Alice questions him about his marriage as he goes very quiet. However he is a stereotypical man as he comes across very strong willed, however when he resists a sexual advance from Alice
this would be considered not stereotypical He is very direct and in the way he speaks he comes across as confident speaking loudly and clearly. He is not a stereotypical man as he doesnt' seem to be manipulated when Alice talks to Luthers posture is very relaxed in the way he stands slouching and keeps his hands in his pockets. It is seen as stereotypical that he has a beard, this is considered manly and his particular haircut is also considered to be manly. As for his costume Luther wears a dull, grey tweed suit with his top button undone and his tie is loosened showing he has a relaxed style. His business dress shows he is very focused on his job and reserved. 
The character of Alice is not stereotypically weak as some women are portrayed on TV, she is not emotional and this is shown when she speaks about the death of her dog she does not get upset. She comes across as quite strange and is very manipulative when talking to Luther. She seems in control of the conversation and has the power, she is very calm and tries to wind him up and wants to make him loose control. Alice is intelligent and fully understands the male and female dynamic, she openly talks about sex making out that she gets a lot which is not stereotypical. Her apartment is very neat and tidy, it has dull colours and appears very boring. This is not very feminine, it features the black hole poster on the wall which she refers to and there is also a telescope on the balcony. Alice is always linked to evil due to the fact when she talks about the black hole, the music used makes it sound sinister and her character seems strange. 

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