Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Male gaze music video task

This is Beyonce's music video Partition, within the video Beyonce is presented in many ways such as there is the use of sexual connotations in the way in which she acts and dresses.
Here she is shown in a close up where her facial expression suggests romance and sex, it is a expression where people tend to look dreamy, heavy lidded, unsmiling with big heads in the frame shown as overtly sensual and sexual. She tries to use a face which looks seductive to attract the man in the video.
This shot has been taken 30 seconds into the music video, within this screen shot Beyonce is wearing an outfit that overly shows off her body, this pulls in her waist and empasizes her chest and the size of her hips and bum. She is also shown in front of a car wearing what appears to be fancy lingerie, this reveals a lot of her skin having connotations with sex and pleasure. The garment is black and simple and this would appeal to the male gaze as a lot of her body is shown off therefore viewers will want to look at her.
Throughout the video her body is thrown forward and she pushes it into different positions to represent sex. This then exaggerates her body and the camera focuses on just her body parts rather than her face. There is also a man featured in the video who appears to be her lover and who she targets within the song, the way he touches her at points in the video adds to the male gaze due to men therefore wanting to be him and look at her. 
 At the time of 1 minuet she is seen wearing a very small amount of underwear in a gold colour, also wearing a head dress which hides all of her hair. This appeals to the male gaze as she comes across as naked due to the tiny lingerie showing off her bum almost completely. The use of colour on the garment also makes her look naked as gold is very similar to her skin colour and considered a luxury colour to make her look 'sexy'. Her hair is completely hidden under a head dress to show off as much skin as possible and she wears high heels to exaggerate the length of her legs.The position she is in also can be considered sexual in the way she is leaning forward and pushing her bum out. 
Here she is represented as fully naked apart from her high heeled shoes, this has been shot so that her body looks like a shadow so viewers cannot see her fully naked, however you can see the full outline of her body. She dances over a prop to make herself look sexy and make people think of sex and pleasure. Her hair is down and messy. Generally when she is in the frame Beyonce makes a lot of eye contact with the camera to draw viewers in and seduce them in the looks she gives, she uses facial expressions such as invitationally and romance commonly. 
Towards the end of the video she is shown pole dancing and behind bars, this makes her look like a stripper which has obvious connotations with sex. The lighting in the shot also shows an animal leopard print on her body which could link to girls considered 'sluts' as leopard print can sometimes be associated with cheapness on some clothing and what strippers would wear, not that Beyonce is a slut however the girls in the video feature leopard print on the underwear such as on the bra in the picture therefore linking in with sex and the male gaze. 

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