Thursday, 11 September 2014

1. What % of global box office was the British film industry responsible for? The global box office was responsible for 15% of the British film industry. 
2. What was this in 2009? It was 6.8%
3. What might this change indicate about British film?This change could indicates it is now easier to claim films as British when they are not completely British. 
4. What films have been responsible for this change? Films responsible for this change are Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part two, Skyfall and The Kings Speech.
5. What % of the British film industry make a profit? 7% of the British film industry make a profit.
6. What % of Hollywood films make a profit? 17% of Hollywood films make a profit.
7. How does that % differ between £2m and £10m budget British films? The difference is the more money spent within budget means a better quality film therefore more profit is made. 
8. What might we infer from this difference?  From this difference it shows that higher budget films make more profit.
9. Which age group males up the largest % of UK cinema goers? Over 45's.
10. Why do you think this might be? This is because of the type of films being made and aimed at certain audiences.
11. Which type of film has seen an 18% drop in attendance? The film that has seen the 18% drop in attendance is 3D films.
12. Within that type which genre has seen the biggest fall? The biggest genre which has seen the biggest fall is family films.
13. What did Charles Grant put this decline down to? Charles Grant put this decline down to that the films are too expensive.
14. Who is Paul Greengrass? Paul Greengrass is an British film director.
15. How did he describe the British film industry? He said it was a success story and predicted it would continue to see international growth especially in China.
16. What did a BFI spokesperson say was the point of less profitable low budget Britsh films? He said they were successful and beneficial to the industry for reasons like skills and training development and for artistic and cultural importance.
17. What was the budget for Filth and how much money did it take? The budget was £2million and it took £4 million. 
18. What advantage did James McEvoy feel £100m films have over low budget films? He said they have a large budget to sell the film. 
19. What is VOD? Video On Demand.
20. What  increase did VOD see last year? 50%.
21. What impact might VOD have on distributers and Studios? VOD could impact it by possibly making the distributors and studios less important.
22. what impact has it had on Blockbuster rental stores?  it caused Blockbuster to go out of business as people no longer needed to rent DVDs when they could just as easily rent them.
23. What is unique about Ben Wheatleys 'A field in England'? It was the first UK film to be released simultaneously in cinemas, on DVD and throughout VOD.  
24. What does director of The Machine Caradog James think is the toughest part of film making? Reaching an audience with a good film. 
25. Why have rules relaxed on what makes a film 'British'? To encourage more investment in the UK film industry. 
26. How has the use of visual effects in films been encouraged? They will include an increase in the opportunities available for using British visual and special effects. 
27. Name five of these rules and link them to The Kings Speech, Kill list, The worlds End. 

  • Film set in the UK - All of these films are set in the UK.
  • Main characters are British citizens or residents - in The kings speech was Collin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter, The worlds end used Nick Frost and Simon Pegg and Kill List used Neil Maskell. 
  • Film based on British subject or underlying material- The kings speech is about the English Monarchy, The worlds end is based on traditional English pubs in an English town  and Kill list is about two hit men in the north. 
  • Original dialogue recorded mainly in English language- these three films were all filmed in English.
  • Represents and reflects diverse British culture, heritage or creativity- The kings speech is based in the upper class, the worlds end is based on middle class and kill list is based in working class.

28. What rules has chancellor George Osbourne announced for tax on British films? He announced that tax relief would be raised from 20% to 25% on the first £20 million of qualifying production expenditure. Productions will also only have to spend 10% of their budgets on UK expenditure to quality, down from 25%, to help more indepent production companies and make the UK a more attractive co production partner. 
29. What is the highest grossing film in UK box office history? Skyfall, James Bond adventure film.. 
30. How much has it taken and how many screens was it shown on? It took £94.3 million and was shown on 587 screens.

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  1. For question 22 it caused Blockbuster to go out of business as people no longer needed to rent DVDs when they could just as easily rent them.