Sunday, 7 September 2014

Representation on American Beauty

The representation of Lester Burnham:
Lester first seems unhappy with his life by the way in which he speaks and how he acts. He has poor posture-slouches, hangs his head low, acts lazy and shows he has no confidence. He is shown as unhappy due to the way he talks about his wife in a negative way and their roles are almost reversed as his wife is in control as the husband would be. His life seems sad as he is forced to sit in the back seat of the car and be driven to work, Lester is not respected by his family because of the way they speak to him and how he is treated.

Camera work:
In the reflection of computer looks like a prison done on purpose, the way full shower is in screen showing he is trapped. Lighting on only half of his face- living in the dark, dying.

Mise en scene:
Dull colour scheme- boring, reflects lifestyle. Red, white and blue always in shot representing American title and roses on clothes, on the table linking to film title. When Lester talks to the boss at work he is shown very small in screen compared to the boss who is looking down on him.

Uses non-diegetic sound as music playing over with Lester narrating. Music is repetitive, boring like his kife is shown as, voice narration uses a monotonous voice shows he is unhappy.


  1. A start to the course Emma. Keep up the good work

  2. You've used terminology very impressively in this post.