Monday, 22 September 2014

Skins episode 1, Representation

When Tony is first seen in his bed at the start of the scene the lighting on his face shows another outline of his face on the pillow next to him. Birds eye view is used to show full bed set and Tony laying in it.
Uses cutting between frames.
The theme tune for Skins is classic and out of fashion compared to the content of the programme which is about young people. The tune is upbeat and catchy. Non diegetic sound and diegetic sound are both used. Such as diegetic sound within the scene like the music being played loudly when sneaking his sister in and non diegetic sound is used when the music is played over the top of the programme when Tony is exercising.
Mise en scene:
Within Tonys bedroom everything is perfectly a line and neat. His room is mostly white and features props like retro film posters such as Blow up-Antonioni and 8 1/2- Tedenico fellini. His bed set has a naked man and woman on and when he opens his draw his clothes are perfectly folded.
Representation of Tony
Tony is represented as a stereotypical teenage boy, he is rebellious by disobeying his dad and he is very manipulative in the way he acts towards him and how he sneaks his younger sister in Effie, also showing he is intelligent. However you could also say he is not the stereotypical teenager as he does not snitch on his sister and helps her out. His character is also passive aggressive towards his dad and acts as if he is in control in of his household. Tony is represented as a stereotypical teenager as he stares at the woman across the road wanting sex/lust, the character is very narcissistic as he looks as himself in the mirror and seems obsessed with his appearance. He works out with an exercise routine when he gets up and chooses his clothes to make himself look good. He has a smart style wearing chinos, a plain red t-shirt with a black v-neck jumper and white shoes. He also has a normal stylish haircut . Tony is almost presented as OCD due to the mise en scene in his bedroom such as the clothes in his draws are perfectly folded like in a shop. He is shown as obsessive due to how when his alarm goes off he is already awake and he is lying perfectly in the middle. The character seems intelligent because he is reading a Jean Paul Sartre book and Tony is popular and is the ring leader of his friendship group. Tony and Sid are binary opposites in the way they behave and look/dress, Tony is patronising towards Sid and sees him as a figure of fun. Tony is controlling of his friends and sexist to the girls like Michelle, his behaviour towards her is unacceptable and he objectifies her showing that he is confident and arrogant.

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