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Dredd essay task

Who were the films producer, distributor and and script writer? (try and find other films by these groups) 
The films producers were Alex Garland, Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich. 
The distributors were Entertainment Film Distributors and Lionsgate.
The script writer was also Alex Garland.
Who are Lionsgate (who owns them?)
It is a Canadian-American entertainment company founded by Frank Giustra. 
Who are IM Global (who owns them?)
The company is one of the leading film financing, sales and distribution companies in the world. Founded by Stuart Ford.
Who are DNA films (who owns them and who partnered with them?) 
DNA Films is a British film production company founded by Duncan Kenworthy and Andrew Macdonald. They are partnered with Fox Network Group.
How was the funding for DNA originally split?
50/50 between DNA and Fox Searchlight, they both put in £25million. 
Why did they need to maintain their relationship with Fox Searchlight?
They have an incredibly close relationship with them, they are a huge supplier and they value them.
When did Lionsgate announce their three picture deal with IM Global?
Dredd is included in a three-picture deal between Lionsgate and IM Global that was announced during November 2010.

Where did Karl Urban announce his role in Dredd?
Urban had disclosed during Comic-Con last month to the web site that he had been offered the lead in Dredd in July 2010.

Why might this have helped attract the film's target audience 
People at the comic-con convention like these types of films therefore would be interested in Dredd.

How much money did Dredd make from pre sales (this is people buying the right to show your film)?
$30 million.

How much did a distributer pay for the rights to show the film in the UK?
$7 million.

Where was the movie filmed? 
Filming locations included Johannesburg and Cape Town Film Studios (Dredd was the first project filmed at the studio).

When was the 'lawmaker' gun built and designed?
It was first designed as a physical prop in 1995.

During which other UK film was the 'slo mo' sequences designed?
Never let me go.
How did the film makers feel about making an 18 certificate film?
They said they didnt really think about the certificate Alex said 'By the end of that we didn’t have any pressure. You could have had studio pressure possibly if it was a studio movie in a different way, that could happen, but the way this movie was set up it was never really an issue.'
How long did it take to film Dredd?
13 weeks

Which camera was used to film Dredd?
It was shot using RED MX, SI2K, and phantom flex high speed digital cameras

Why did they need to create new camera rigs?

He built new camera rigs to bring the audience closer to the action.
Post production
What issue affected the films editing? 

Distribution and marketing
How many cinemas was Dredd released in and how many ONLY showed it in 3D?
2,506 locations, of which approximately 2,200 are 3D

How did producers begin promoting Dredd 3D?
producers began marketing the film to its core under-25 male demo at Comic-Con. 

What viral marketing campaign did the producers use for Dredd?
As part of the campaign, Lionsgate partnered with publisher 2000AD and Motion Comic to create an online comic-strip prequel to “Dredd.

The film premiered at Fantastic Fest, what is it and why would this appeal to the films target audience?
Fantastic Fest is an annual film festival in Austin, Texas this would appeal to the films target audience as the type of films shown at fantastic fest such as action, sci fi and horror, Dredd falls into many of these genres therefore these people would take interest in the film.

Which awards did the films marketing campaign win?
Dredd's marketing campaign won a Golden Trailer Award for Best Thriller TV Spot for the trailer "Big Addicted", and received nominations for: Best Action TV SpotMost Original TV SpotBest Graphics in a TV SpotBest Music TV Spot, and Best Action Poster and Most Original Poster for the Dredd motion poster

How much money did the film gross at the box office? 
Domestic Total Gross was $13,414,714

What unusual step did the film's UK distributors take to ensure people watched in 3D?
Lionsgate removed the ability to see the film in 2D.

What percentage of audiences are physically incapable of seeing a 3D image?
12-30%. What % of light is lost in a 3D film?
30% of light is lost in a 3D film.

Which film was Dredd unfortunate to be released after?
Gareth Evans The Raid, with which it shares a (coincidentally) similar premise – lawmen fighting their way through a tower block of terror. 

In the UK which position in the DVD charts did Dredd occupy?
It was the number 1.

What might this show about the decision to allow only a 3D release?
It shows viewers were not interested in seeing the film in 3D and therefore the film would have been more of a sucess at the box office if it were to of been released in 2D.

In the US which audience demographic was the largest?
The largest audience was over 25's (69%) and male (75%).

How many units did Dredd sell on DVD/BluRay in the US?

How much money did this bring in?
$10 million.

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